The University has always been a popular venue for both junior and adult summer/language school groups. With a wide range of classrooms and other teaching spaces, dedicated dining space, great on-site sport and leisure facilities and all that Canterbury and the area has to offer, the major language school operators find us the perfect venue for their student groups.

We have worked with three of the UK’s major language school providers, PLUS Educational, Embassy Summer and Pilgrims Teacher Training and between them they bring thousands of students to our campus every summer

Our own Centre for World Languages (CEWL) has been providing short, intensive courses in English Language and culture for groups of University students for more than twenty years. The courses they  provide are designed to activate students’ English, especially communicative skills such as speaking and listening. Accommodated and catered for on campus, learning opportunities also aim to widen students’ social and cultural knowledge through visits, culture-based activities and individual projects

Contact us directly for a quote and availability for 2020/21