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European Society of Textual Scholarship 2023 Conference

European Society for Textual Scholarship annual conference, 13-14 April 2023

Conference Theme: ‘‘Authorship, Identity, and Textual Scholarship"

To what extent does the identification of an author’s identity affect how we approach and edit their texts? Or, to pursue a contested poststructuralist line of thinking, why might it matter to an editor that they know who is speaking? Though the Barthesian idea of the ‘Death of the Author’ has been largely dismantled, theoretical questions about agency, intentionality, and reception still loom large in modern critical discourse.

Given our present-day concerns with fake news, misattributed quotations, and the spread of disinformation, this timely conference shines a light on the relationship between the identification of an author-figure and the transmission, mediation, and reception of their texts. 

The digital turn in literary studies has enlivened debates about authorship, reflecting a concurrent rising interest in textual issues related to co-authorship, revision, and adaptation.  Traditional canons of literary and non-literary works have been vigorously challenged in recent years.

So, too, authorship has figured significantly in the detailed analyses of the lives and output of scribes and stationers (publishers, printers, booksellers) from the premodern to modern periods, producing rich new evidence about the transmission and circulation of text. Similarly, the material turn in literary scholarship has provided original insights into the material conditions of authorship, from the everyday experience of life as a practicing author to the tools used in producing the material book itself. The work that is produced and disseminated is now studied as a social as well as textual object.


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ESTS 2023 Planning Committee: Rory Loughnane (Kent, Chair); Bashir Abu-Manneh (Kent); Anne Alwis (Kent); Claire Bartram (Canterbury Christ Church University); Jennie Batchelor (Kent); Karen Brayshaw (Kent); Helen Brooks (Kent); Robert Gallagher (Kent); Emily Guerry (Kent); Anna Jordanous (Kent); Ryan Perry (Kent); Catherine Richardson (Kent); David Rundle (Kent); Amy Sackville (Kent); Wim Van Mierlo (Loughborough University); Matthijs Wibier (Kent); and Cressida Williams (Canterbury Cathedral Library and Archives). Postgraduate Advisors: Ségolène Gence (Kent; MEMS PG Ambassador); Samantha McCarthy (Kent); Jonathan Pinkerton (Kent-Lille).

For ESTS related queries, please contact Rory Loughnane, (01227) 826582

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