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IWMW 2017

IWMW, the annual Institutional Web Management Workshop, is the premier annual event for those with responsibilities for managing institutional web and other digital services. IWMW 2017, the 21st in the series will be held at the University of Kent on 11-13 July 2017. The theme of this year’s event is “It’s The End Of The Institution As We Know It (And We Feel Fine)”. The event will explore challenges currently being faced across the sector and how institutions are responding to such challenges. 


Registration Fees

Delegates with 2 nights’ accommodation - £400

Delegates with no accommodation - £315

Speakers with 2 nights’ accommodation - £350

Speakers with no accommodation - £265

Sponsors – options may vary


All registration fees include: 2 day attendance, refreshments and the conference dinner


Accommodation can be booked on the 10th and 13th July for an additional £42.95 per night.


Contact Information
Brian Kelly - - 07789 810423